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Precision, reliability and significant provisions decide the genuine nature of a gun. On the strength of value, Kimber has turned into the world’s biggest maker of 1911 guns. Contrast a Kimber and some other wheat of self-loader guns – and see why Kimber is the thing that all firearms ought to be.

Kimber rifles offer a blend of components that put them aside from any remaining creation brands. Barrels, chambers and triggers hold basic match grade measurements for exactness. Column and glass bedding guarantees both exactness and strength. Pecan stocks are done and checkered manually.

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Kimber Pistols History
Initially setting out to create high quality sporting rifles, Kimber Manufacturing today is very well known for its pistols. The now New York-based company began in Oregon in the late 1970s, producing rimfire rifles and centerfire rifles before turning to the Kimber pistols that so many firearm enthusiasts respect and enjoy today.

Kimber Pistols Basics
Kimber pistols come in a huge variety of models, though they are predominantly 1911-style pistols. As such, they are most frequent chambered in .45 ACP. However, they do regularly offer pistols chambered in other calibers, including 10mm Auto, 9mm Luger and .38 Super. For example, the Kimber Aegis pistols series is chambered in the 9mm Luger and includes several models that are designed specifically for concealed carry users. The Kimber Eclipse series, on the other hand, includes full-size Kimber pistols that come chambered in .45 ACP as well as 10mm. With so many options available from Kimber pistols, there’s sure to be a model that suits your exact needs and tastes. Browse our many listings today to find just the right Kimber pistol for you.

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